Gerben IP Featured in ABA Journal

The ABA Journal recently featured trademark attorney Josh Gerben and Gerben IP’s trademark practice. The article details how Josh Gerben started his practice from scratch and how his entrepreneurial instincts led him to being ranked the #3 trademark attorney for trademark applications filed in 2009.  Here are some notable quotes:

“Small businesses don’t want to pay $300 an hour,” says Gerben, whose push for ever-higher volumes landed him the No. 3 spot in 2009 among individual attorneys nationwide filing trademark applications, according to a survey by Corporation Service Co.

“There are a lot of trapdoors in the process,” says Gerben, who refutes the notion that trademark law is a commodity. “This is complex enough that the average person has no idea what they’re doing and can really cause themselves a problem.”


Source: Cohen, D.  “Niche Trademark Practice Taps Solo’s Entrepreneurial Genes”.  ABA Journal.  December 2010.

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