Eric Perrott Quoted by CNBC about Gene Simmons Trademark Application

In June, Gene Simmons submitted a trademark application to protect the sign of the horns gesture that he has used on stage.  Later that month, he withdrew his application.

CNBC wrote about the odds of the application being approved.  Gerben IP attorney Eric Perrott was quoted discussing how other hand gesture marks differ from that of Simmons’:

“One that comes to mind is the University of Florida ‘gator chomp’ or the Florida State ‘chop,'” he said.

“These are gestures that uniquely identify services, namely, the exhibition of college football. However, something like the ‘devil horns’ is so ubiquitous in rock culture that I imagine this was mostly just a stunt and is completely unenforceable,”


Article: Bukszpan, D. “Why Gene Simmons’ attempt at patenting his hand gesture wouldn’t have worked”  June 24, 2017.

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