Eric Perrott Quoted by Corporate Counsel About Whether Tariffs Could Help Curb Chinese Counterfeit Products

An additional $200 billion in tariffs against China was announced by President Trump earlier this month.  Some speculate whether these tariffs are meant to force the Chinese government to enforce their intellectual property law and stop intellectual theft.

Eric Perrott was quoted by Corporate Counsel about regarding the theory that the tariffs are meant to encourage to move manufacturing back to the US:

[…] he believes it is unlikely that companies would shift manufacturing back to the United States.

As far as China’s reaction to the tariffs, Perrott doesn’t anticipate much change from the Chinese government in terms of cracking down on counterfeiting, for example. “The Chinese government could certainly do more to crack down on factories and counterfeiters. The penalties aren’t as harsh as they could be,” Perrott said.

Perrott said that, for there to be real change, online retailers across the globe would have to vet who is putting products on their websites.


Source: Clark, D.  “Experts: Trade War Will Not Push China to Enforce Intellectual Property Laws”.  Corporate Counsel.  September 21 2018

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