Corporate Counsel Interviewed Eric Perrott About Fraudulent Attorney Information on Trademark Filings

A Canadian patent attorney was recently alerted to the fact that her name was fraudulently used in the filing of US trademark applications by Chinese applicants.  It is suspected that this was done to circumvent a proposed USPTO rule that requires foreign individuals to use a US attorney when filing a trademark application.

Corporate Counsel interviewed Eric Perrott about how the Canadian attorney’s name came across in his work for a client, and addressed the increase of trademark applications from China:

[…] “the biggest challenge the [US]PTO has had in at least the last decade, if not more.”

“It’s really showing the cracks in the infrastructure of their system,” he said. “There is a lot of trust that people are going to be filing these in good faith.”


Source: Bantz, P.  “Canadian Attorneys’ Signatures on USPTO Filings”.  March 1, 2019.

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