CNN Speaks to Josh Gerben About the Ending of Diageo and Diddy’s Partnership

A 15-year partnership between Diageo and Sean “Diddy” Combs has ended with a racial discrimination lawsuit. Combs has accused the company of not marketing his spirit brands in the same way it marketed other brands.

CNN and Josh Gerben discussed the potential reason for the end of the partnership. 

Attorney Josh Gerben told CNN that it’s “not surprising” that DIageo wanted to end its agreement with Combs because “whenever a lawsuit gets filed that makes such strong allegations of wrongdoing, it is a sign of an irreparable break in a business relationship.”
“At the moment we are left to wonder what, if any, of the allegations made by either part are factually accurate. And, depending on how the case resolves, we may never know the answer to that question,” Gerben said.
Source: Valinsky, Jordan. “Diageo ends its 15-year partnership with Diddy following lawsuit”. 27 June 2023.

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