CNBC Discusses Nike’s Metaverse Trademark Filings with Josh Gerben

On November 2, 2021, CNBC published an article which looks at the recent trademark applications filed by Nike, Inc. These applications indicate that the company is looking to protect some of its most well-known marks, such as the Swoosh and the Jumpman logo in the virtual space.

Gerben Perrott founder, Josh Gerben and CNBC discuss the potential legal reasoning for the sports apparel company to file these seven federal trademark applications.

“Nike is protecting their trademarks for this new era,” said trademark attorney Josh Gerben.

“This would very clearly be a nod to this idea of the metaverse,” said Gerben. “They’re filing new applications for the company’s main trademarks, saying that they’re going to launch and start selling virtual clothing, headwear, shoes, in an online and virtual worlds.”

According to Gerben, the new trademarks also provide Nike extra protection in the event others attempt to use the brand in an unlicensed way.

“If you want to police your trademarks in that world, it’s going to be easier if you just own registrations for virtual goods, ” he added. Gerben said the trademark filings will also add value to the overall brand portfolio as trademarks are a form of property.

“You can imagine the value that Nike’s name or logo holds if you were just selling, so the more protection you build into your trademarks, arguably the more value you’re adding to the book value of the company,” he added.

Source: Golden, Jessica. “Nike is quietly preparing for the metaverse.” 2 November 2021.

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