Business Insider and Josh Gerben Discuss How Tom Brady’s Trademarks Factor into His Empire

Quarterback Tom Brady has been planning for his eventual NFL-retirement for years, by building himself a business empire.

Business Insider spoke to Josh Gerben about Brady’s trademark portfolio and what it may tell the public about his plans beyond retirement.

“He has more trademarks registered than some public companies,” said Josh Gerben, a trademark attorney and founder of Gerben IP, which tracks interesting trademark filings on its website, including Brady’s. “You can see where his brand strategy is a lot more evolved than the average one.”

Brady’s applications, which range from health and wellness products like protein bars and fitness drinks to household items, celebrity appearances and more, cover a broad range of products and services, but it doesn’t meant that consumers will be able to purchase them anytime soon.

“It’s very common that once you reach a certain level and you say, ‘I can do more than just act” or ‘I can do more than just throw a football’ … then you start to think about, ‘How do I protect myself in that environment?” Gerben said.

Source: Berg, Madeline, et al. “Tom Brady is building a massive post-NFL empire. Check out his multibillon-dollar businesses, trademarks, and the team behind it all.” 10 August 2022.

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