Bleacher Report Credits Josh Gerben With Updates On the Ohio State and Marc Jacobs Trademark Dispute

After a months long trademark dispute, The Ohio State University and Marc Jacobs have come to agreement in which both parties can use the “THE” trademark. The USPTO must first approve the agreement before the dispute is officially settled.

Josh Gerben’s tweets detailing the case throughout its history were referenced heavily throughout Bleacher Report’s article:

“Josh Gerben of Gerben IP tweeted in August 2019 that Ohio State filed a trademark application with the Patent and Trademark Office for the word ‘THE’.”

“Gerben noted in March that OSU had a pending trademark application. On Friday, he said OSU had filed a “notice of opposition” to Jacobs’ application on the grounds that the school owned ‘THE’.”

“Ben Johnson, an OSU spokesman, then told Gerben the school and Jacobs had reached an agreement.”

Source: Kasabian, Paul. “Ohio State, Marc Jacobs Reach Agreement on Usage of ‘THE’ Trademark”. 23 April 2021.

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