AdAge Quotes Josh Gerben about Amazon’s “FREE MEEK” Trademark Filing

Amazon has filed a trademark application for “FREE MEEK” just two weeks before the launch of its upcoming docuseries about the Philadelphia rapper Meek Mills.

Josh Gerben was quoted by AdAge discussing the filing in length:

Gerben says that although it varies, if a company or individual willfully infringes on something that is federally trademarked, the damages can equate to all profits made from using the trademark, plus attorney fees.

Gerben says that it’s not uncommon for Amazon and other streaming sites to file trademark registrations for original programming.

According to Gerben, the entire process takes about eight to 10 months to fully register a trademark, but it’s a relatively easy and cheap process, costing $350 to file an application for a trademark.


Source: Liffreing, Ilyse. “Amazon Files a Trademark Application for ‘FREE MEEK’ Docuseries.” AdAge. 31 July 2019

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