Greetings. I’m trademark attorney Josh Gerben, and today I want to talk a little bit about how much it costs to register a trademark using my services here at Gerben Law Firm. The flat legal fee to do a trademark search, provide consultation time, file your application and follow through with the government is $950. There is a $275 government filing fee per class of goods or services.

A small asterisk there. Sometimes I can get you $225 government filing fee and save you $50. It’s not always possible. Again, very situational. So we’ll look at that for you and see if we can do that, but I always quote the $275 so that we expect it and if we can get you and little bit better cost or price there with the US Government, we will.

The one final thing I want to mention about cost of filing a trademark application, is in the instance that you’re not actually selling your goods or services at the time we file your trademark application, there will be a second filing to do within a year to prove that you started to offer the goods or services. This filing costs a flat legal fee of $250 and a US Government filing of $100 per class of goods or services.

Now that is assuming that you’re not currently selling your goods or services when we file your application. If you are, then this final filing is not necessary, and the fees will be limited to the $650 and the $275 government filing fee.