What Is A Trademark?

Naturally, you’re all aware of Nike. Nike, the name itself, is a trademark. The logo, the swoosh, is also a trademark, and then the tagline, “Just do it”, is a trademark itself. So, let’s talk for a second about what is not a trademark. A trademark is not a patent or a copyright. A patent would be if you had […]

Trademark Symbols ®, ™, ℠ – Which One Can You Use?

Navigating the world of trademarks for your product or service can be difficult, but wholly necessary to protect your assets. Luckily, throughout the entire registration process, you have different options for protecting your brand in the form of trademark symbols. The three symbols that can be used are the circled R (®), the little capital letters TM (™), and the […]

Trademark Protection – How a Federal Trademark Registration Protects Your Brand

The primary motivation behind seeking a trademark registration is often rooted in protection–but what does that look like in practice? A trademark can safeguard your brand in several different ways: Providing the presumption of nationwide validityEnables effective policing of online marketplacesDeterrence for those with similar branding 1. The Presumption of Nationwide Validity of Your Trademark  Once registered, your trademark is […]

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