Gilead Sciences has filed a new trademark application for the design of a bottle to be used in connection with “pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of coronavirus.”

The application was submitted with the USPTO on March 26 and filed on a 1(b) basis. This means that the pharmaceutical giant has a bona fide intent to use the trademark in association with the goods listed in the application.

This type of application is actually called a “trade dress” application because Gilead Sciences is attempting to protect the look and feel of a bottle. In the technical drawing that was submitted, Gilead makes no claim to the shape of the bottle, but rather the size and placement of the label, as well as the blue and gray cap.

The company has been using the design for the past ten years on other drugs.  This particular trademark filing is significant because Gilead has said that it now intends to use this packaging specifically for a coronavirus treatment. The hope here is that Gilead filed this application because it is optimistic about being able to market its Remdesivir drug as a therapy for the novel coronavirus.