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REDBULL files opposition to REDEW mark claiming right to RED for beverages: New & Noteworthy TTAB Filings

New & Noteworthy TTAB Filings: The Late March to Early April Omnibus Edition This edition of New & Noteworthy features highlights from the past month of Trademark Trial & Appeal Board filings. Featured is an ongoing segment on brand owners who believe that their marks meet the high bar of being a “famous” marks for purposes [...]

New & Noteworthy Trademark Opposition and Cancellation Filings with the TTAB: February 23 to March 1

This New & Noteworthy post looks at trademark oppositions filed at the Trademark Trial & Appeal board for the Week of February 23 - March 1. Marvel & DC, Co-Owners of the SUPER HERO Mark, File Two Oppositions Marvel & DC have been labeled trademark bullies in the past for their policing of the co-owned [...]

New & Noteworthy Trademark Oppositions and Cancellations: The Week of February 16th, 2015

This week’s New & Noteworthy TTAB filings feature a lot of logos and design marks. Among them are oppositions and cancellations from “frequent filers” Major League Baseball and Monster Energy. Creating a Monster - Monster Energy Opposes More Trademark Applications Monster Energy has frequently been accused of overreaching when it comes to enforcing its trademark [...]