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Trademark Registration

Your trademark is the center of your business. And to ensure you secure nationwide protection on your trademark, you need to register it with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. That being said, if something goes wrong during the trademark registration process, you could potentially lose out on the ability to keep others from using your trademark. At Gerben Law Firm, we specialize in trademark registration and protection. We only practice trademark law – nothing else. We'll help you from start to finish with the trademark registration process. We will start by performing a trademark search and then work to draft a proper trademark application. You'll be able to worry less about protecting your business and spend more time running it.

Getting Started With Trademark Registration

Before you can file an application to register your trademark, you need to do a search to ensure no one else has rights to the trademark which could affect your ability to register and/or use the trademark. While many people just do a quick online trademark search, deem it as clear, and start the registration process, Gerben Law Firm and trademark attorney Josh Gerben will complete comprehensive common law, state, and federal search using powerful and professional trademark search software to ensure there will be no conflicts moving forward. Once the search is complete, trademark attorney Josh Gerben will then draft your trademark application and file it with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This may sound simple, but one small mistake could prevent you from successfully achieving trademark registration. Once your trademark application is filed, Gerben Law Firm will monitor the entire trademark registration process to help ensure a smooth path to registration.

Get Full Support For Your Trademark Registration From Gerben Law

Once the U.S. trademark registration process is complete, a trademark can't be ignored. You not only need to watch for violations of your trademark, but there are renewals and “use in commerce” requirements that you have to do in order to protect and maintain your trademark rights. For more information on what is necessary to keep a trademark registration in full force and effect contact trademark attorney Josh Gerben today by completing the contact form.